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Michaelangelo Tangelo is a sensitively written and charmingly illustrated tale for any child who has ever felt different in some significant way from his peers....and what child hasn't? In our increasingly multicultural and multi ethnic society, readers will enjoy exploring the interplay of rejection versus acceptance, identity confusion versus striving toward identity consolidation, and low self esteem which gives way to gaining in positive self esteem.  The realization that each child, no matter the child, is special in their own unique way is a gift that each child should receive.  
 Marlene Ochetti, PhD, LCSW
“Our students need to understand the impact their words and actions have on others. The characters enable students to embrace the responsibility of treating others with dignity, kindness, and respect. This book helps students understand that even though they come in various shapes, colors, and sizes, in the end, they’re all the same and need love, acceptance and forgiveness.”
Teresa Antonellis Savedra, SDC Teacher, Lomitas Career Academy, Victorville, California
"Will you please forgive me?" Grumpy asked. The voice of forgiveness has the power to transform our lives and give all of us a renewed sense of hope, joy, and love. This is an insightful and inspiring story that is very real and relevant for so many of our children today. Only forgiveness can silence the painful voice of hurt that grabs our attention and so often steals our joy and success. As Grateful Grapefruit learned, only forgiveness can break the cycle of hurt and blame. Through forgiveness, we can have victory, and live a changed life.
Cynthia Gutierrez,MA, Program Specialist, Special Education Local Plan Area Desert/Mountain
‘As a 5th grade teacher working with students from various backgrounds and cultural differences, I found “Michelangelo” to be an insightful story that encourages much needed conversation about blended families, identity issues and self esteem. The beauty of this book is its usefulness in the school classroom and libraries, where kids can learn they are not alone. My students loved the warm, bright tones that balance perfectly with this lovely, thought-provoking tale. The story illustrates the importance of self acceptance. Highly recommended for all age levels.’ -
Jackie Lester, Principal, West Palms Conservatory Elementary School, Victorville, CA
“There are many important life lessons to be learned from this book for children of  all ethnicities. This story would be a great starter for conversations and writing about how we see each other and how we get along”.
Stephen Vaughn, Area Director, San Bernardino County Schools
Below are the Michelangelo Tangelo Series books:
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A Bully No More

Story: ’Michelangelo Tangelo – A Bully No More' is the third book in the Michelangelo Tangelo series. This story takes place in the ancient fantasy land of Fruitasia. In this story, Penelope Pear overcomes her struggle to combat peer pressure to bully another fruit being (Alice Apple), but not until she first participates in bullying Alice. After bullying Alice, she has an encounter with the Great Gardener who makes her aware that her actions were wrong and that her friends who have influenced her to bully Alice Apple are not true friends. As a result, Penelope examines her behavior, makes a courageous decision to become accountable for her actions, and discovers the meaning of true friendship.

Lesson: Peer pressure exists at every level and stage of development and is a factor in influencing behavior, especially in youth and adolescents. While the root causes of bullying are more than one dimensional, there is wide spread agreement that peer pressure is one factor for some who participate in bullying. Youth place a strong value on acceptance and the desire to be liked and will sometimes participate in wrongful behavior in an attempt to gain social status or to fit in. Bullying can be a vehicle to gain such acceptance even when the behavior and actions are against one’s better judgment. It takes direction, guidance, structure, self-examination and inner strength to resist negative peer pressure and the desire to exert power and control over another individual.

The Search For Self Identity

Story: Michelangelo is a tangelo (a hybrid fruit, grafted from a tangerine and a pomelo) and he lives in the fantasy garden of Fruitasia. He is ashamed of his hybrid identity and desires to be viewed as a tangerine fruit being. When confronted about his identity, he denies his pomelo heritage. His denial creates conflict between Michelangelo and the other fruit beings in Fruitasia. Conflict between Michelangelo and his friends becomes the catalyst that propels him to search for his true identity.

Lesson: The story of Michelangelo Tangelo uses fantasy 'fruit beings' as metaphors to portray the shame and confusion that may occur when bi-racial individuals allow the negative opinions of race to shape one’s self image. The bible teaches that God is not a ‘respecter of persons’, that is to say he does not esteem anyone based on their race, creed or color. As society becomes more diverse, the story of Michelangelo Tangelo will remind us of an important truth; God defines our identity and gives us direction in this world.

Releasing The Past

Story: Michelangelo Tangelo - Releasing The Past is the story of Grumpy Grapefruit. Grumpy is bitter because he endured ridicule and scorn as a young grapefruit and his sour attitude is ruining all of his relationships! Michelangelo desires to help his friend however before that can happen, Grumpy must make the difficult journey back in his past for closure to the causes of his bitterness.

Lesson: Bitterness stems from unresolved anger. Anger is the result of hurt that has never been forgiven. We should not allow the day to end without resolving issues of hurt otherwise we run the risk of anger carrying over to the next day. When this happens repeatedly, it creates a cycle of grievances that is used to justify bitterness. Bitterness leads to the death of relationships and relationships are the key to life. Releasing the past is about setting free those individuals who have hurt us and for whom we have decided that the only resolution is to offer forgiveness.
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